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Music for the Saturday of the Departed. Although subtitled "On the Saturday before the Sunday of the Last Judgement", this volume is equally applicable (with attention to possible variants) to the other Saturdays of the Departed. Materials from the Octoechos are given in each of the 8 tones. COMING SOON (sooner if you ask to order one!): Music for the Divine Liturgy, vol. II; and Music for the Sunday, Festal, Triodion and Pentecostarion Katavasia in two volumes.
Item# 3508.
Comb-bound. $65.00. Quantity:

The Four Gospels; commentary by Abp. Averky (Taushev). Differing from most such commentaries, this examines all four Gospels together systematically, from the birth of Our Lord through his ministry to his death and resurrection. Some incidents of course occur in all four Gospels, others in only one or two. The exegsis is firmly grounded in the fathers and tradition of the Church. Enhanced by a subject index and a Scripture index by book, chapter and verse. An invaluable addition to any library of the faithful.
Item# 3509. Hard-bound, 290pp, 7x10". $39.00. Quantity:

The Struggle for Virtue: Asceticism in a Modern Secular Society; by Abp. Averky (Taushev). In a dozen succint chapters Vladyka Averky spells out the conflicts which torment those who struggle to live a pious life in an impious society. Addressing pride, spiritual discernment, Gospel life contrasted with humanistic altruism, conscience, the Christian understanding of freedom, distractions, waging unseen warfare, resisting evil, struggle, the passions, and pastoral asceticism? all the "basics" are covered in this carefully crafted volume.
Item# 3510.
Perfect-bound, 169pp, 5x7". $17.00. Quantity:

A Spiritual Psalter: Reflections on God; St. Ephraim the Syrian. Our best-selling title. For full description, use the search window.
Item# 2040. Hardbound, gilded, ribbon. $30.00. Quantity:

Striving Toward God: Spiritual Advice for Daily Living. Largely a collection of her letters to the brother of St. Ignatius Brianchaninov, her mentor, her counsels are steeped in the holy Scripture and the inspiration she draws from the services of the Orthodox Church. She emphasizes the need to humble oneself, discern the will of God, and fulfill it in every moment of our lives. Perfect-bound, 103pp, 6x9".
Item# 3511. 20.00. Quantity:

Psalm 118: A Commentary by St. Theophan the Recluse. Translated from the Russian by Archpriest Gleb Wleskov; translation edited by Seraphim Englehardt. After nearly 30 years of engagement with this text, we are delighted at long last to make it available to the faithful in permanent library form. Each reading (and there have been many) has deepened our appreciation of the profundity of the commentary, which never succumbs to the temptation of mere academicism. It is a book which can be read from beginning to end -- or from any random point -- with equal benefit. Deluxe edition: silver binding, gold-stamped, gilded edges, marker ribbon.
Item# 3492.
Hard-bound; marker ribbon. $40.00. Quantity: