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Altar Service Book: Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom & St. Basil the Great This is a highly functional but also attractive lectern-size (8.5x11") liturgy book for use at the altar. The two liturgies are presented (where they differ) in parallel columns where practical (for the shorter prayers), and in two different "chapters" for the Eucharistic Canon (I use a large paper clip to block out the one not in use). The texts are complete: everything needed by priest, deacon, choir & people It is printed in multiple colors (red for rubrics, blue for "variable" text such as he/she/they) with body text (rubrics are smaller) in 18 point ("normal" is 12 point) Stone Sans Bold.More details in main listing
Item# 3488.
Coil-bound. $60.00. Quantity:

JUST RELEASED! Psalm 118: A Commentary by St. Theophan the Recluse. Translated from the Russian by Archpriest Gleb Wleskov; translation edited by Seraphim Englehardt. After nearly 30 years of engagement with this text, we are delighted at long last to make it available to the faithful in permanent library form. Each reading (and there have been many) has deepened our appreciation of the profundity of the commentary, which never succumbs to the temptation of mere academicism. It is a book which can be read from beginning to end -- or from any random point -- with equal benefit. Deluxe edition: silver binding, gold-stamped, gilded edges, marker ribbon.
Item# 3492. Saddle-stitched. $40.00. Quantity:

The Calendar Question, by Fr. Basil Sakkas. Out of print for more than 30 years, it is a pleasure to be able to make this brilliant work once again available. While thoroughly exploring the devastating results of tampering with the Church Calendar, the work goes far beyond to confront the issues of modernism and ecumenism which are the inevitable bed-fellows of such treason. Cleanly written, easily understood by anyone, and very persuasive. It is no less relevant (perhaps more so) today than when it was written in 1971. If demand is sufficient, we'll consider a perfect-bound edition (probably at somewhat lower cost). Print-on-demand, but a small inventory will normally be kept.
Item# 3487.
Coil-bound, 5.5x8.5". $15.00. Quantity:

A Spiritual Psalter: Reflections on God; St. Ephraim the Syrian. Our best-selling title. For full description, use the search window.
Item# 2040. Hardbound, gilded, ribbon. $30.00. Quantity:

Slain for Their Faith: Orthodox Christian Martyrs under Moslem Oppression. Many of the more than a hundred accounts included appeared previously in the long out of print New-Martyrs of the Turkish Yoke, but have here undergone rigorous editing. See much more detail in the main listing. Hard-bound.
Item# 3484. 25.00. Quantity:

Menaion of the Orthodox Church, vol V (January), 2nd edition. Second edition is now complete; see all volumes by searching for "Menaion".
Item# 3462.
Hard-bound; 3 ribbons. $150.00. Quantity: